Sales Maximization

Sales Maximization

“Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions”

Our sales management & training modules follow a step-by-step process to help our clients achieve sales excellence:

  • Prospecting
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Identifying Needs Presenting Solutions
  • Handling & Answering Objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • Managing Customer Relationship and Getting Referrals

What makes a great salesperson, account manager or business developer? They create value for their clients – that’s how they get people to respond to their calls and continue to buy from them. Rather than being seen as intrusive they are seen as a valuable resource – a trusted business advisor. Poor salespeople destroy value. Not just through the wasted time and costs of unproductive meetings, but through the hidden costs from leaving problems and real needs unresolved. These salespeople struggle to get meetings, fail to grow accounts, and suffer from long sales cycles.

Success Monks specializes in the inner game of selling-the mental component-and the outer game of selling-the methods and techniques of actually making the sale. Our concise and action-oriented sales training programs will provide you critical ideas and techniques that will immediately increase your effectiveness and boost sales-performance.

“We help our clients in Creating Customers, and not just Making Sales!!”

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