Love Your Mondays is the new science of ‘Professional Success’. If you want to speed forward to both massive wealth and emotional fulfillment you must take the road of ‘passion’.

I always knew so many people hate their Mondays, but now I truly know why. A must read for all students, working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A well crafted piece of success-literature and a bold call to mend the formal education system.”

Jean-Michel Cassé

SVP, Accor India

“Love Your Mondays & Retire Young” just might be the most important book of this decade. It has profound insights on how we should manage our professional lives, create financial freedom and live a wholesome life.

An intriguing and potentially life altering examination of prevalent work situation that is sure to benefit all readers.

This book must be read by every student and employee”


Mr. Anil Moolchandani

Chairman & MD- Archies Group Ltd.

Love Your Mondays & Retire Young is a passionate and persuasive appeal to think differently about our professional lives. Siddhartha brilliantly articulates the need and strategies to discover ones passion, followed by 12 success principles for living an exceptional work-life.

This is a life-changing book and will forever alter the way you look at yourself.

The author just does not give the message; he lives the message. ‘Quitting his job to start Success Monks’. Simply superb, motivating & powerful.”


Patrick Rousseau

Chairman & Managing Director Veolia Water India

“Siddhartha Sharma has written an engaging and readable book-Love Your Mondays & Retire Young.

It will draw readers into an extended conversation with the author and with themselves. More is possible to us than we ever imagined, if we take Sharma’s counsel to heart.

This is a super manifesto towards designing professional-lives we want to lead.”

Mary C. Gentile, PhD

Author of Giving Voice To Values & Faculty, Babson USA 

60 Keys to Success is a must read for anyone seeking holistic success”

Mr. Sudarshan Agarwal

Former Governor- Uttarakhand & Sikkim

“Love Your Mondays & Retire Young’ is an engaging and insightful book looking into making your heart and minds work together towards creating complete harmony.

It is a book for people who say ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and hate coming back to work on Mondays”

Rahul Saini

Bestselling Author of ‘Those small little things’

“For most people passion and profession is a mirage, often confusing one for the other.

This book churns you internally to the point of compelling you to introspect, act decisively and seek personal happiness.

The simplicity touches your inner core.”

Mr. Chetan Mehra

Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase, UAE

“Read it slow. Take it in. Implement. It will change your life. Profoundly insightful, yet refreshingly simple. Siddhartha’s work makes a great read. Highly recommended”

Mr. Goonjan Mall

Founder, Online Prasad

“I have known Siddhartha and read his book- 60 Keys to Success. His words are powerful and very meaningful”

Mr. Yaduvendra Mathur

Former CMD- RFC and Present Chairman- EXIM Bank

Maximizing Team Potential- Voith Gmbh

“This program was one of the most easy and efficient way I have ever seen to understand the concepts of Team Building and to make trust on the team members. Although, I have read so many books which inspire me a lot and put a great influence on my life, but the effect of Practical exercise and workshop on my life was awesome” All thanks to Success Monks

Shishir M Vaislay,

IT Consultant, Voith

The Entrepreneur In You Workshop- Hong Kong

Siddhartha, I would like to say thank you and successmonks again. Actually you have really brought a lot of ideas to me and helped me clarify my mind greatly. To do what we love is the most important. Maybe due to the environment in HK, we always think a lot about the surroundings and limitations, like it is really difficult to get into the stream, and it is not easy to survive in that field due to the great competition, also some financial problems, etc. This traditional thinking entered deeply in majorities’ mind. So, after your talk, i would say i must try, think out of the box and ignore all the negative views. hopefully i can find out my own way to be success.


As a student and audience, I think it is great that you have raised some examples about our traditional and recent practice. When you stated that most of HK students wont have a clear goal and they just get an unwanted job after graduation, I cant agree anymore. This can exactly remind us that we should find out what we really want! To have a short conclusion, I would say, I know I can and I will enjoy my profession in the future!!

Human Lam,

Ogilvy,Hong Kong

“Success Monks workshop are inspiring, motivating, and include all good things about life, pure and simple. I loved the analogies included in between your speech. That fosters one’s interest in the speech. The content could easily be applied to real life scenarios. Totally loved it !!”

Gaurav Madan

Project Leader, TCS

Program content design clearly had some roots in understanding what audience wanted to hear as opposed to saying what the trainer wanted to say. The fact that it was not overburdening with complex. Frame work was very helpful.

“Excellent and very inspiring. I traveled a long way to attend and found it worth.”

 Salil Mathur

Mckinsey & Co, Dubai Office

Hey Siddhartha, it was really good hearing you at the session. It was definitely very enriching experience for all of us, and a much needed one, because everyone is just so crazy right now for being placed somewhere, but after the session I personally feel that I can do what I want to if I make up my mind for it.

This was the best workshop in the history of DIAS, and I am sure all my friends think the same about it. If I am able to do what I want to (the things that I love to do), I am sure that I will be thankful to you for making me realize it.

Thanks for giving us such a great experience and making us realize our worth.

Kanika Luthra

Credit Analyst- American Express, DIAS