Employees look for Transparency and Recognition


DB Schenker stands for the transportation and logistics activities of Deutsche Bahn. The Logistics sector of DB is the world’s Renu-Bohra-Director-HR-Schenker-Indiasecond largest transportation and logistics services provider based on revenues and performance. We recently interviewed Mrs. Renu Bohra (Director-Human Resources), DB Schenker to know her views on employee engagement and discuss the best HR practices. All the views expressed here are personal views of Ms Bohra.

What do employees look for in an organization?

Mrs. Bohra- Once the basic needs related to money have been taken care of employees look for two things- recognition and transparency. Employee engagement should not be seen as an event, but it should be like a process.  Bosses should have a sense of humor and be open about certain things within the organization. People should not be forced to be tight-lipped.

What are some initiatives you took at your organization to engage people?

Mrs. Bohra- When I joined this organization over the last 4.5 years, our focus was to build up the best workplace culture. My first priority was to make things transparent, so that people know what they are expected to achieve. A lot of things which were verbally known as policies were then written down on paper. Job analysis and grading gave a formal structure to the organization. Our parent company conducts a DB employee survey after every two years and in the last survey we identified that people were not feeling recognized at work. Therefore we launched the following three awards to build the culture of appreciation and recognition:

  1. Service award
  2. Schenker Sparkling Star
  3. Employee of the month award for all the regions

What kind of training programs are conducted for your people?

Mrs. Bohra- There are a variety of training programs that we organize for our people starting with the induction program. The induction training is followed by the product training depending upon the department the individual is joining. The other programs are in the area of self effectiveness, time management, business etiquette, stress management, transformation leadership rather than transaction leadership.

L&D plays an important role in making people feel engaged.

2 advises you have for people to be happy at work?

Mrs. Bohra- Engagement is not a one side effort. If you do not want to be engaged then your organization cannot do much to engage you. Therefore, I always advice to people who want to be happy at work:

  1. Have an open dialog with your management- Never keep things to yourself at workplace. If there are certain things you want to talk about, be open. Talk to your supervisor and only then they can do something to help you.
  2. Build relationships and have mentors- If you have good relationships at workplace, then you feel engaged at work too. There will be people who can help you in your challenges and in solving your problems. Therefore, spend time to nurture your relationships at workplace.

Why are so many people unhappy and stressed?

Ms. Bohra-  Yes, somehow it is true that people are more stressed these days. Two reasons that come to my mind are:

  1. I think now a days systems have become more democratic, and as a result people have more choices. If they do not like something then they try to change it. If they manage to change what they want to change it feels great but if it they are not able to change things, it causes discontent and unhappiness
  2. Another reason is people judge their success by the standards of the world. Look at where you started and check progress. If you compare yourself with other people, it will always make you feel like a failure. Stay focused on your plan and learn as much as possible on how to achieve it.


We are thankful to Mrs. Renu Bohra and her organization for their valuable inputs- Team Success Monks


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